Krisztián Sütő M.D.

I graduated as a general practitioner in 1999 at the Semmelweis University. Following my graduation I worked in Szombathely, at the Anesthetic and Intensive Care Unit of the Markusovszky Hospital. During that time I also worked on a part time basis as an ambulance doctor. I received training as an anesthesiologist in 2006. During my years at the Markusovszky Hospital, I gained experience in every aspect of surgical sedation, anesthesia and Intensive care. From 2011, I worked as duty manager at the hospital’s Emergency Department. I have been working as chief physician at the Anesthetic and Intensive Care Unit in Oberpullendorf Hospital.

I have been carrying out conscious sedation during dental treatments in Szombathely, Fertőhomok and Sopron since 2010.