Our Colleagues

Domonkos Rébay M.D.

My name is Domonkos Rébay M.D.. I graduated in 2005 at the Faculty of Dentistry in Pécs. Ever since my graduation I have kept broadening my professional knowledge in Hungary as well as abroad. I have attended several international conferences with presenters of high authority. I was able to pick up new adhesive techniques and acquired a comprehensive knowledge in the field of implantology.

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Szilvia Kalbantner Klisics

I trained as a dental technician in the Kalmár Zsigmond Vocational High School in Hódmezővásárhely. After high school I studied to be a dental assistant at the jointly organized course of the Kossuth Zsuzsanna Grammar School and the Facial, Jaw and Oral Surgery Clinic of the University of Szeged, graduating in 2007 with outstanding results.

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Edina Kaposiné Valtinyi

I graduated as a nurse in 2001 at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Pécs. I trained as a dentist’s assistant in 2017 in Sopron. Besides focusing on the task or problem at hand I find the empathic approach and the all- encompassing care to be essential in our job. To achieve this it is vital to continuously improve our skills and expand our knowledge.

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Krisztián Sütő M.D.

I graduated as a general practitioner in 1999 at the Semmelweis University. Following my graduation I worked in Szombathely, at the Anesthetic and Intensive Care Unit of the Markusovszky Hospital. During that time I also worked on a part time basis as an ambulance doctor. I received training as an anesthesiologist in 2006. During my years at the Markusovszky Hospital, I gained experience in every aspect of surgical sedation, anesthesia and Intensive care. From 2011, I worked as duty manager at the hospital’s Emergency Department.

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Gyula Tamás Szabó M.D.

Specialist dentist, orthodontist and children’s dentist
2000. Graduation in Dentistry at University of Pécs
2000-2013. Worked at the Orthodontics Department, Dental and Mouth Surgery Clinic at the University in Pécs.
2002. Specialist exam in oral and dental diseases
2004. Specialist exam in orthodontics
2004.-Orthodontics private practitioner
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During our comprehensive treatments we focus on your physical and psychological well being. The health of our teeth is part of our completeness. The state of our teeth reveals organic issues and the related psychic topics. We support the human organism with nature’s gifts. In order to achieve permanent success, we can show you the way to resolve the underlying causes.