As a practicing father, I have a different point of view where children are concerned. I understand how sensitive the world they live in. My sincere interest in children signals that they can trust me. Their willingness and active cooperation during the treatments are absolutely crucial to me. We concentrate on achieving long term results, so we only start our sessions when mutual trust has been established.

It is my conviction that an authentic example is extremely important in dental hygiene. A child’s understanding and internalizing of the relevant information is essential.
We help parents in prevention in order to keep their children’s teeth in a wholesome and healthy state.
Youngsters with tangled teeth are welcome to our orthodontics, where new, functionally and aesthetically harmonizing smiles are conjured to the faces of the new generation thus giving them a chance to keep their teeth healthy in the long term.
According to the holistic view, the health of our teeth is a contributor to our wholesomeness. We need healthy teeth to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our teeth can perform the best when they are in the right place, which allows us to clean them properly. Tangled teeth can promote tooth decay and lowers the efficiency of chewing.


The aim of orthodontics is to treat the teeth to achieve a nice smile. The result is not only aesthetic, but also the restoration of the structure of the face. A well done orthodontic treatment provides the patient with a bright, confident smile making it easy to connect with people. Braces are needed when the teeth are out of normal position. Orthodontics can straighten out crowded teeth, close gaps, sort out disorderly incisors so that person is pleased when they are looking into a mirror. Orthodontics not only caters for aesthetic needs but also helps protecting the health of the teeth as well. During the course of the treatment we reposition the teeth, thus improving accessibility for thorough brushing.

Orthodontics is not only for children. In order to avoid possible health issues, treatments are recommended for adults as well.
The purpose of applying braces at an early age is to guide the development of the jawbone and the dentation in the right direction. During childhood there is an opportunity to easily resolve smaller issues efficiently, break bad habits and treat the disorderly growth of the jawbone. Paediatric orthodontic treatments usually start between at the ages of 8 or 9 applying a removable or a simple static brace.
For adults, when the irregular denture and bone structure are already set, we use orthodontics to create aesthetic smiles and facial features. In these cases we usually apply devices glued to the teeth. Before starting the treatments, a personal consultation is required, where the severity of the case and the possible courses of action are considered. The actual treatment plan is drawn up after additional examinations (X-ray, samples, and photographs) are carried out. We determine the price of the treatment taking into consideration the individual’s needs and establishing the necessary equipment.
We use a wide range of modern orthodontic devices. These devices vary and are made of traditionnel metal resting on ceramics glued to the inner surface of the teeth. Invisible and removable systems are also available.