The distress and anxiety preceding a dental procedure is a common phenomenon.

The prolonged duration of the treatment may also be a cause of discomfort.

We’d like to make the sessions as pleasant as possible for our clients, that’s why we offer conscious sedation. It relieves stress, alleviates fear and makes the process feel shorter. Hardly any bad memories will remain.

Conscious sedation is a common practice where the patients get in a temporary state of pleasant dizziness. The patients may become sleepy and sometimes they fall asleep. However they wake up easily and are aware of their surroundings, able to answer questions, follow instructions and regain their reflexes.

Sedation is carried out by a specialist. The medication is administered via injection and the effects are terminated by another injection at the end of the treatment if needed. A short interview is conducted prior to the treatment. The patient’s medical history and current illnesses are discussed, and a brief examination commences including a blood-pressure check. Our specialist constantly monitors the status of the patient during sedation.

We keep monitoring the patients after the treatment for a short while before letting them leave our cabinet. A companion may be needed, since the patient undergoing sedation is forbidden to drive for 24 hours.