Gyula Tamás Szabó M.D.

Specialist dentist, orthodontist and children’s dentist
2000 Graduation in Dentistry at University of Pécs
2000-2013 Worked at the Orthodontics Department, Dental and Mouth Surgery Clinic at the University in Pécs.
2002 Specialist exam in oral and dental diseases
2004 Specialist exam in orthodontics
2004- Orthodontics private practitioner
2004-2013 Head of Department at the Orthodontics Department of Dental and Oral Surgery Clinic at the University of Pécs
2004-2013 Training Manager for dental-orthodontic education of Hungarian, German and English dentist and orthodontics students, including the development of curriculum, practical training and lectures
2005- Coached the postgraduates to prepare for orthodontics specialist exam
2009- Member of European Orthodontic Society (EOS)
2010 Specialist exam in children’s dental care